Heating Panels

Cause winter is coming...

SUNSTAR is a unique solar collector, built from a multitude of individual tubes, connected by an “Over-Molded” square manifold header.

The special manufacturing technology and design makes SUNSTAR a durable and yet flexible solar panel.
SUNSTAR’s unique square manifold:
1.Maximizes flow characteristics and increases heating efficiency.
2.Minimizes roof penetration by using innovative plastic pad installation.
3.Creates the strongest roof mounting with the highest durability to winds and other extreme weather conditions.

SUNSTAR is produced in the same sizes as HELIOCOL.
For area calculations, please note that the width of SUNSTAR panels is slightly larger.

SUNSTAR’s modular basic units can be easily joint together, mounted on the roof and connected to a standard piping system, using PLASTIC MAGEN’s special fittings and accessories.
SUNSTAR was tested in solar laboratories in the U.S.A and Spain, performing high durability at extreme weather conditions and high efficiency sun absorption.

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