Salt Chlorinator


With ΄΄Plug & Play pH΄΄ ensures automatic pH adjustment and With ΄΄Plug & Play Redox/ORP΄΄ controls the function of Chlorine Salt. Our company cooperating with “POOL TECHNOLOGIE” to ensure the best quality to its customers.


  • 3 Models: Production 22.32 and 42 gr / h
  • Smart Power technology gives long life
    life at the Electrodes
  • The reverse polarity can be adjusted
    depending on the hardness of the water
  • There is a built-in ΄΄BOOST΄΄ function for
    shock chlorination
  • Exclusive: The chlorinator can be upgraded
    with the addition of Automatic pH adjusters and
    Redox, Plug and Play type
  • Alarm with low salt sensors
    and low current at the Electrodes
  • Transparent shell, electrodes, mixed technology
    (MX) with 5 or 7 or 9 cards depending on the model
    The device comes with all the accessories
    including the sensor case and two
    gearboxes 63/50 mm
  • ΄΄Low mode΄΄ function is available for the case
    existence of Automatic cover, so the production
    chlorine is adjusted according to its position
  • Made in Paris

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